MSB Contest: Caseen Prize Pack

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Monkey Side Bars hosted a competition using the theme word “ART”, and 2 lucky winners won our caseen Prize Pack!

According to MSB,

“We know it’s quite impossible for anyone to judge “art” as a general term. So we asked the judges to choose the pieces – of any and all levels of talent – that they felt most exemplify:
-Evocation of emotion and/or influence
-Ingenuity of idea and design

caseen Prize Pack to include:

  • Metallic plush neoprene sleeve for tablet
  • Metallic anti-shock bubble neoprene sleeve for laptop
  • Vibe EX-L mesh tip stylus
  • 32-pack of lint-free anti-static screen cleaning wipes. 

Congratulations to Jacqui Lloyd!

Congratulations to Pia Langfeld!

Check out more amazing art entries on Monkey Side Bars here and “Monkey On!”

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