Featured Blog: Making art by Julie Richman, Chicago Abstract Painter

Our next featured artist blog is Making art by Julie Richman.

She hails form Chicago and is an abstract painter and caseen supporter as well! Her art is abstract with a watercolor style twist. The work is done digitally and the colors are both vibrant while retaining soft clarity. You can see some of her works below:

Julie Richman digital artist

Julie Richman I See But Know Nothing Art

Painting digitally yet retaining that watercolor softness… Digital artistry is showing us how powerful it can be.

For more check out Julie Richman’s Blog!

Featured Blog: ARTIST101 by Jaqui Lloyd

Our first featured blog is a digital artist and caseen supporter. Jaqui Lloyd is an amazing talent! Her works are very striking and are both abstract and psychedelic.  The works feature pinpoint accuracy and detail.

We are very proud to support Jaqui Lloyd and her efforts. Check out some of her work below!

Jaqui Lloyd Balloons and Daisies

The imagery here is really amazing. We’d love to see a video game with so much vibrant details.

Abstracts by Jaqui Lloyd

The colors here really pop with all of the psychedelic abstractions going on. Very nicely done.

To see more of Jaqui Lloyd’s work, you can visit her blog at ARTIST101.

Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus


The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus was announced yesterday. Will you be purchasing the new iPhone? Here at caseen, we will have your iPhone 6/6 Plus cases soon.

According to TIME,
“10 things to know about the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

1. There are two models: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.
2. Apple Pay, a mobile payment system on the new iPhones, is trying to replace wallets.
3. The phones’ cameras are the most advanced iPhone cameras yet.
4. Battery life on the new iPhones is equal or better to the old models.
5. The new phones have barometers to sense elevation.
6. The iPhone 6 is much faster.
7. Landscape view is improved.
8. A reachability function will allow you to continue to use the iPhone 6 with one hand.
9. With two-year contracts, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus start at $199 and $299, respectively.
10. They’re on sale Sept. 19.”


caseen Team

NEW: Bella Smartphone Clutch Wristlet Wallet Case (NEW COLORS!)

We have two NEW exclusive colors for our Bella Smartphone Clutch Wristlet Wallet Case

Mint: http://caseen.com/smartphone-wallet-wristlet-clutch-purse/19-bella-smartphone-clutch-wristlet-wallet-case.html#/color-mint

Cayenne Red Coral: http://caseen.com/smartphone-wallet-wristlet-clutch-purse/19-bella-smartphone-clutch-wristlet-wallet-case.html#/color-cayenne_red_coral


caseen Team

caseen Vivi Smartphone Wristlet Video Review by The Pinterest Housewives

Check out the awesome caseen ViVi Smartphone Wristlet review by Ashley from The Pinterest Housewives.

“Super stylish & cute little wristlet to carry around your phone & cards. I ordered one to see the quality & so far Im liking it! They have really cute styles & colors, they aren’t expensive & the quality is good, they aren’t paper thin so your phone will be protected from drops.”

Thank You!

caseen Team

MSB Contest: Caseen Prize Pack

Monkey Side Bars hosted a competition using the theme word “ART”, and 2 lucky winners won our caseen Prize Pack!

According to MSB,

“We know it’s quite impossible for anyone to judge “art” as a general term. So we asked the judges to choose the pieces – of any and all levels of talent – that they felt most exemplify:
-Evocation of emotion and/or influence
-Ingenuity of idea and design

caseen Prize Pack to include:

  • Metallic plush neoprene sleeve for tablet
  • Metallic anti-shock bubble neoprene sleeve for laptop
  • Vibe EX-L mesh tip stylus
  • 32-pack of lint-free anti-static screen cleaning wipes. 

Congratulations to Jacqui Lloyd!

Congratulations to Pia Langfeld!

Check out more amazing art entries on Monkey Side Bars here and “Monkey On!”

caseen Team

caseen is a sponsor of the Monkey Side Bars Instagram Game


caseen supports artistic endeavors by sponsoring the game ‘Monkey Side Bars’ on instagram. We gives prizes to winners of the game who have shown to be very talented individuals. Many of the artist use caseen stylus’ ONLY, because they know that caseen CLASSIC & VIBE lines are best in class! caseen stylus have made so much art. Just check out some of the art made by MSB players in the past:

1 2 3 4 5 6 9 8

Check them out here!

caseen Team